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Response to the 2014 Budget

Dr. Andrew Weaver's response to the 2014 Budget. To read more, please visit Dr. Weaver's community website

At 17, I may not be old enough to vote, but I still feel it is of paramount importance to convey my dissatisfaction with our government’s blatant disregard for these legally binding targets.  Policy decisions made today will undoubtedly have an effect on my life—both in the short and the long-term—and with this at the forefront of my mind, I stand in defense of my future

I hope those words echo through the walls of this chamber. They are the words of Tessa Owens, an incredibly articulate and engaged young woman who, together with 20 other students, visited my office on February 3. The legally binding targets that she was referring to, of course, are our 2020 climate targets. Enshrined in law; grounded in necessity. Read More

Statement on Anti-Bully Day

February 26th is Anti-Bullying Day and an opportunity for British Columbians to help draw attention to bullying and empower ourselves and others to say something when we see it.

Bullying is a serious problem. Not just in schools, but also in workplaces, on the internet, and even at home.  We, as a society, do not have to tolerate this. The BC Green Party encourages all British Columbians to have conversations about bullying  and how to end it.

Very Few Goodies for Greens in BC Budget

Media Statement: February 19th, 2014
For Immediate Release

Victoria BC - While Budget 2014 rightly places an importance on living within our means, it falls short of providing a diversified and affordable economy for British Columbians.

Politics still takes driver seat even on climate

What can one MLA do in the Legislature? As it turns out, quite a bit! As Elizabeth May has shown in Ottawa and Andrew Weaver in Victoria, MP’s and MLA’s have many levers at their disposal. May and Weaver do not have special powers, they understand the opportunities our democratic institutions offer them, and they use them.

Andrew Weaver: Putting Climate Targets Back Into the Throne Speech

Andrew Weaver in LegislatureToday in the Legislature, Green MLA Andrew Weaver spoke to his motion to amend the Throne Speech, highlighting the government's inconsistency in greenhouse gas targets. Under the province’s climate targets the legislated goal is to reduce emissions from the current 62 megatons of carbon pollution to 43 megatons by 2020 and 13 megatons by 2050. Producing liquefied natural gas through five plants would add 73 megatons to current provincial emissions, making our greenhouse gas targets impossible to keep.

The government has stated LNG exports from BC will reduce Asian, especially China’s, dependency on coal fired power generation, therefore reducing their carbon emissions. If we are serious about reducing global emissions then a better plan would be to halt exports of thermal coal through BC. Doing so would have little impact on provincial employment, or revenue, as the vast majority is produced from US mines.

Read the full speech at

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