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Volunteer Spotlight: Kim Darwin — Giving back to a party she truly believes in

This is the first in a series of posts the BC Green Party will be producing to spotlight our wonderful volunteers who dedicate countless hours to the betterment of the party. If you’d like to nominate someone to feature, email with the subject line “Volunteer Spotlight.”

Next steps

First off, I would like to extend my deep gratitude to our Nanaimo by-election candidate Michele Ney.

Continuing to grow support in Nanaimo

It's been six days since the Nanaimo by-election and I've been reflecting on this wonderful experience. I just wanted to say, I’m incredibly proud of the campaign that we ran and am so deeply appreciative of the support I received from you along the way.

Results of AGM 2018

Last Sunday, our party held its 2018 AGM in Kamloops. We are pleased to report on the results of our meeting.

This week in Question Period – 21st-century resource industries

This week, the caucus focused their questions for the government on the support that our province's resource industries like wild salmon and mining need to transition into sustainable, 21st-century industries.

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