Apply to be a candidate

Apply to be a candidate

Here’s where tomorrow’s leaders step forward.

Our leaders come from varied backgrounds, with different strengths and personal motivations, but together we share a vision of a sustainable, healthy, and equitable BC.

Whether you are a natural-born leader who’s ready to make real change, or someone who’s going outside your comfort zone because you’re tired of the status quo, you’re in the right place.

Being a BC Green Party Candidate means:

  • You’re a bold voice for climate action, universal health care, and equity
  • You’re surrounded by equally-committed team members who are ready to support you and lift you up
  • You understand the importance and strength of collective action, communication, and a shared vision

The BC Green Party is excited to have you apply to be a part of our team and our future.

Learn more about taking an essential role in the future of BC with the BC Greens here: Candidate application process.

Click below to send us an email requesting an application.

Step forward and get started

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions about the application process.


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