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Green Recovery to COVID-19 challenges main focus of B.C. Green Caucus during unprecedented summer session

VICTORIA, B.C. – Over the recent eight-week Summer session the two-member B.C. Green Caucus advocated strongly for a Green Recovery to COVID-19 and brought forward solutions to issues facing the Province. Over 400 questions were asked or directly submitted to the Ministers for budget estimates resulting in 13 hours of discussion across 19 Ministries. MLAs asked 38 questions in the House and proposed several programs and initiatives to benefit British Columbians.

BC’s greenhouse gas emissions continue to climb

VICTORIA, B.C. - The updated greenhouse gas emission inventory released by the Province today shows that B.C., as illustrated by the 2018 data, has again failed to correct its emissions trajectory.

Site C facing significant cost overruns and uncertainty, B.C. ratepayers at risk

VICTORIA, B.C. – The B.C. Green Caucus has issued the following statement in response to BC Hydro’s latest reports that reveal the overall health of the Site C project is at risk due to significant cost escalation and delays:

“This project should not be given a blank check to proceed at any cost imaginable - the NDP should seriously consider cancelling Site C,”  said B.C. Green Party interim leader Adam Olsen, MLA for Saanich-North and the Islands. “The NDP needs to be clear about the price and make a decision before river diversion takes place and we change the flow of the Peace River forever, which is scheduled for this fall. We will be holding this government accountable for the next moves they make.”

Three candidates officially approved for B.C. Green Party leadership contest

VICTORIA B.C. – With the closure of its application period on July 27, the B.C. Green Party is pleased to announce that three candidates have been officially approved for the 2020 leadership contest:

B.C. Greens call for psychologists to have access to MSP billing; Expansion of affordable mental health care

VICTORIA, B.C. - With mental health in decline during the COVID-19 pandemic, the B.C. Green Caucus is proposing a 12-month pilot project that would allow psychologists to become eligible providers of mental health services through government funded billing. This would help expand the access and affordability of mental health services and ensure all British Columbians can access the health care they require.

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