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BC Green Caucus: Response to Canada’s Changing Climate Report

VICTORIA, B.C. — “This report continues to tell the same story of our planet’s warming that science has demonstrated consistently and invariantly for the last 30 years, and our politicians continue to be as willfully blind to the evidence before them now as they were then,” said Dr. Andrew Weaver, leader of the BC Greens and award-winning lead author of four United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports. “Now more than ever it is critical that politicians advance policies that are informed by this evidence and chart a path forward. Progressive parties don’t rely on increased investments in fossil fuel infrastructure for their economic vision.

BC Green caucus calls on MLAs to follow moral compass, vote against LNG

VICTORIA, B.C. — LNG legislation is pulling the province in two different directions in its fight against climate change. Today Bill 10, which provides tax breaks to the LNG industry, is going through Committee Stage. The BC Greens will require all MLAs to be on record with their votes for each section of the legislation.

Government defends a ride-hailing approach riddled with barriers

VICTORIA, B.C. — Adam Olsen continued to question government today on why it is putting barriers in front of ride-hailing coming to BC when there are ready-made solutions in front of them.

BC Green Caucus: New report brings ride-hailing one step closer to reality, government’s responsibility to make it a reality

VICTORIA, B.C. — Select Standing Committee on Crown Corporations tabled its report today on ride-hailing, giving government the tools it needs to make ride-hailing a reality in British Columbia.

LNG legislation antithetical to government’s commitment to CleanBC, innovative economic vision

VICTORIA, B.C. — With its introduction of LNG legislation today, government is now officially pulling the province in two different directions in its fight against climate change.

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