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Furstenau statement on the erosion of trans rights and gender-affirming care

Lək̓ʷəŋən [Lekwungen] territory / Victoria BCSonia Furstenau, leader of the B.C. Greens today voiced her concerns about Alberta’s proposed policy changes affecting transgender youth. Furstenau released the following statement reaffirming the B.C. Green Party's commitment to supporting trans and queer communities: 

"Alberta’s proposed policy changes, which target transgender youth, have raised significant concerns among the trans and queer communities, including the potential spread of these policies to other provinces. Disinformation about gender-affirming healthcare is spreading across Canada, causing significant harm to vulnerable communities. The B.C. Greens stand in unwavering support of the rights and well-being of the trans and queer communities, as well as the parents and families of trans and queer children". 

Smoke and mirrors budget from the BC NDP

VICTORIA, B.C. - In a year for bold moves, the BC NDP fails to read the room. Budget 2024 doesn't meet the moment we are facing, nor does it provide British Columbians with the support they need.

British Columbians are facing unprecedented calamities - in healthcare, housing, and climate - and expected a bold visionary budget going into an election. Instead, this budget offers the illusion of action and affordability but fails to provide concrete solutions. 

B.C. Greens respond to Speech from the Throne

VICTORIA, B.C. - The B.C. Green Caucus responded today to the 2024 Speech from the Throne.

“Once again from the BC NDP, we see a lack of strategy, a lack of action, a lack of accountability for their spending - there's nothing tying all of this together,” said Sonia Furstenau, Leader of the B.C. Green Party and MLA for Cowichan Valley. “The Throne Speech paints a picture that doesn’t match up with the real problems British Columbians are experiencing. Healthcare remains inaccessible for too many, schools are overcrowded and lack resources, homes are too costly, and the gap between the rich and the poor keeps getting wider.”

BC Green leader calls for transformative approach to Budget 2024

VICTORIA, B.C. - In anticipation of the 2024 Budget, BC Green Leader Sonia Furstenau is calling for a transformative approach.

“This budget isn’t just about numbers on a page. It's about real people – like the young people struggling to afford rent, the families scraping to buy their first homes, or the grandparents wondering if they’ll get the healthcare they need down the line. Our budget should be about making life in B.C. better for every generation," said Furstenau.

Camille Currie to run as B.C. Green candidate for Esquimalt-Colwood

VICTORIA B.C. – The B.C. Green Party announced today that Camille Currie will be the candidate for Esquimalt-Colwood in the 2024 general election.

“I am thrilled to be working with Camille once again and adding her to our slate of inspiring candidates for the 2024 election,” said party leader Sonia Furstenau. “Camille is a force for change in her community and a truly compassionate leader. She holds the health and wellbeing of her constituents at the top of her priorities and will make a fantastic MLA for Esquimalt-Colwood.”

“Every action, no matter how small, contributes to our collective responsibility in prioritizing the well-being of both people and the planet,” said Currie.

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