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B.C. Greens call for free contraception

VICTORIA, B.C. – On day one of Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week, the B.C. Green Caucus is repeating the call for free contraception, declared a basic human right by the United Nations and a commitment made by the BC NDP over two years ago. 

“Two years into this majority government and British Columbians continue to shell out hundreds of dollars a year for this basic care, despite a promise for urgent action and growing affordability problems,” said Sonia Furstenau, Leader of the B.C. Greens and MLA for Cowichan Valley.

“With the rising costs of living, providing free contraception is a concrete measure this government can put in place that will provide immediate and ongoing financial relief for people. 

Furstenau calls on Health Minister to acknowledge systemic workplace issues for healthcare professionals and to embrace solutions

VICTORIA B.C. – B.C. Green leader Sonia Furstenau today called on Health Minister Adrian Dix to acknowledge the systemic issues facing healthcare in the North Island region and across BC, and to urgently work with healthcare workers to implement solutions.

B.C. Greens table several pieces of legislation

VICTORIA, B.C. - Today, Adam Olsen, MLA for Saanich North and the Islands introduced several pieces of legislation, including repealing the $10 fee for freedom-of-information (FOI) requests, protecting bear dens, and banning prolonged solitary confinement in corrections facilities. 

B.C. Greens call for a tuition freeze

VICTORIA, B.C. – "The high cost of living, increasing tuition rates year after year, and scarce housing options have normalized students living in poverty in order to further their education,” said Sonia Furstenau, Leader of the B.C. Greens, and MLA for Cowichan Valley. We’ve heard countless stories of students living in their cars because they can’t afford rent and tuition. We’ve talked to students who have to ration food and use food banks because they don’t have enough money to get them through the month."

B.C. Greens respond to Speech from the Throne

VICTORIA, B.C. – Sonia Furstenau, Leader of the B.C. Green Party, MLA for Cowichan Valley gave her response today to the Speech from the Throne.

“While it presents a slightly more honest assessment of the challenges people in B.C. are facing, today’s Throne Speech was more of a reflection on what the BC NDP says it has accomplished than a vision for the challenging road ahead. It feels like Deja vu. Unless they start defining and measuring the outcomes, we are all striving for, we will continue to see no transformative change."

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