Climate change

The extraction and burning of fossil fuels pose a risk to human health and exacerbate the climate crisis. The province needs to reconsider its promotion and expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure.

Forests are the "lungs of the planet," and it is not sustainable to continue clearcutting the few remaining B.C. old-growth forests. The B.C. Greens are committed to protecting these vital ecosystems.

Prioritizing investments in public transit and establishing zero-emissions transportation systems is essential for our well-being. Safe and affordable transportation options help keep British Columbians moving!

Protecting our waterways is essential for our sustainability. By updating infrastructure and reducing the impact of industries we can secure our watersheds and coastal regions for the future.

Climate change is impacting weather patterns, leading to more extreme weather events across British Columbia. By updating emergency response capabilities and funding support mechanisms we can build resilient communities.

Fish and wildlife populations are in crisis due to climate change and a lack of funding for habitat conservation. Through responsible management, we can work to heal and restore B.C.'s incredible beauty and biodiversity.
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