Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels

As we move forward with our goal of reducing emissions across B.C., the B.C. Greens are committed to exploring renewable energy projects, including those spearheaded by First Nations.

Liquefied natural gas is the biggest source of emissions in Canada's history, and we cannot afford to be expanding it amid a climate emergency. Coastal GasLink has been fined numerous times and has proven it is unable to complete work in a way that protects the public and the environment. In 2023, the government announced an energy action framework to help us meet our climate targets, while still allowing the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure. Rather than approving more LNG projects, the B.C. Greens support transitioning away from fossil fuels as part of the strategy to meet our climate targets.

The BC Greens' plan for Fossil Fuels

The province should work within our CleanBC commitments and be proactive in clean energy production. By supporting independent power projects, including those spearheaded by First Nations, we can increase access for Indigenous Peoples and establish criteria for a 'net-zero' future.

The Mineral Tenure Act regulates how mineral claims are granted in British Columbia and its free-entry system has been challenged by several First Nations for allowing exploration without consultation.

Fracking is water intensive and emits large amounts of methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas. It also comes with serious health risks, much like LNG flaring. We need immediate, independent research and close monitoring of the health impacts on communities near existing oil and gas sites where flaring takes place.

The Coastal GasLink pipeline would move natural gas 670 kilometres from Dawson Creek to the LNG Canada facility in Kitimat. During construction, CGL has repeatedly failed to follow the conditions of their permits and their track record demonstrates a disregard for caution, and a lack of respect for the land, water, and fish. 

The direction of the Energy Action Framework is largely positive - an emissions cap for oil and gas, expanding our electrification as per our 2030 roadmap, and fast-tracking clean energy technology are all good goals. However, the framework remains largely void of details. For example, we need to see the criteria for ‘net-zero’ and whether they continue to subsidize the fossil fuel industry.

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