Wild salmon

BC’s wild salmon are in crisis. Only bold and decisive action will revive the province's stocks.

While we have had some success keeping this issue at the top of government's agenda by securing a Wild Salmon Secretariat and a Wild Salmon Advisory Council with a direct line to the Premier, the government's slow movement on removing fish farms out of migratory routes is unacceptable.

Affordable housing

Our communities should be vibrant, welcoming and affordable - they should be places where people from all walks of life can thrive.

Homes are the centre of community, and our homes should be places for people to live in; not treated like commodities to be bought, and sold, and traded exclusively for profit. Yet our real estate has turned into a playground for the wealthy: a place for speculators to park their capital and reap huge returns, while ordinary British Columbians struggle to find a suitable place to live.

Clean growth strategy

There is opportunity in every challenge. Climate change is no different. In mitigating future climate change and adapting to what is already inevitable, we can build a sustainable and prosperous 21st century economy.

The world needs a leader that will recognize and embrace that opportunity. British Columbia can be that leader. We are perfectly poised to lead the way forward.


VICTORIA, B.C. - At a time when citizens are calling on their governments to ambitiously decarbonize - and every international panel has stated doing so is the only way to meet our agreed upon international climate targets- the provincial government’s recently released greenhouse gas data shows that BC, as of...
VICTORIA, B.C. – Today the BC Green caucus is celebrating the official launch of the Greater Victoria School District’s initiative to provide free access to menstrual products for its students.
VICTORIA, B.C. – The Federal Court of Appeal ruled today to allow six of the twelve legal challenges against the Trans Mountain pipeline to proceed. These challenges are limited to the adequacy of the consultation with Indigenous Peoples and related issues.


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