We can rescue BC's public healthcare system

BC's healthcare system should be public, accessible, and reliable.

But decades of neglect and bad decisions from BC Liberal and BC NDP governments have eroded healthcare. It's essentially impossible to get a family doctor. Mental healthcare is almost non-existent. And corporations are filling the gaps, offering "premium" services for outrageous fees.

The BC Greens are working hard to get the government to take notice and act. With your help, we can fix the gaping holes in our healthcare system. Will you join us?

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The scale of issues facing healthcare in BC is massive. The BC NDP government has made some limited steps toward addressing issues in our public healthcare system. However, in most cases, their efforts have been hindered by a lack of vision and urgency. This has meant that public health outcomes have not improved under the BC NDP.

We need urgent action to address the gaps and shortcomings in our healthcare system. This includes getting everyone a family doctor, creating a public mental healthcare system, and introducing harm reduction measures to save lives from the poisoned drug crisis. 

Over the last three years, we have worked with researchers, healthcare providers, professional bodies, advocacy groups and patients to create a map for effective healthcare reform in BC. Read about that work in the sections below, and come back regularly to read about progress and updates.

Nearly one million British Columbians don't have a family doctor. When someone doesn't have a family doctor, even simple things like getting prescriptions become difficult. We deserve to have a family doctor who is looking after us. The BC Greens are working hard to get BC back on track.

Rates of depression and anxiety are skyrocketing in BC and around the world. In 2020, the UN declared that mental health was a crisis in the making. Yet we have next to no mental healthcare as part of our public system in BC. We need to change that fast.

Every day, six people die from poisoned drugs in our province. We need urgent action to save these lives. This includes working together to create an accessible regulated safe supply of drugs and decriminalizing personal possession of small amounts of drugs.

While the pandemic continues, the BC NDP has shifted its approach from a responsibility for collective public health to individualized responsibility. This approach is having far-reaching consequences for individuals and our society-at-large.
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