BC's housing crisis is solvable.

Housing is a human right - a safe, healthy and secure place to call home.

But in recent decades, housing has become a privilege for those who can scrape together enough money to afford rent or a downpayment. And at the same time, others make huge profits from the crisis.

The BC Greens are working on solutions for housing. By pulling together the voices of the millions of affected British Columbians, we will push this government into action. Will you stand with us?

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We got into this dire situation bit by bit, as governments prioritized profit and vested interests over people. But there are solutions out there. What BC really needs now is the political will to put people first.

We're renewing the provincial discussion on housing by holding the government to account, and raising important ideas and solutions that could have a real impact on British Columbians’ lives. 

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There aren’t enough homes available in BC to meet the needs of all British Columbians. We need an abundance of affordable housing so every British Columbian has a place to call home.

The cost of housing and of living is skyrocketing, while wages stay the same. We need to cool the housing market so everyone can afford to live here.

The growing wealth inequality in our province is having negative impacts on everybody and it's making it more and more difficult to afford housing.

We need government to take action to cool the rental market so every British Columbian can have a safe, affordable place to call home.

Our government needs to do a lot more to support unhoused persons in our province. Investing in housing and putting people first is better for our communities and our economy.

Climate change is already impacting the housing market. We need to overhaul our emergency response systems and rapidly upgrade our homes and infrastructure for the increasing frequency and intensity of climate disasters.

Housing is a human right, but systemic racism and colonial housing and renting policies make finding housing and staying housed more difficult for lower-income and minority populations. We need housing policies that promise equity, diversity and inclusion.

The housing crisis has had a significant impact on many people’s mental health, often causing severe stress, depression and anxiety. We need to create housing policies that put people before profit.
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