Save our last old-growth forests

Vancouver Island's few remaining ancient old-growth forests, and the communities and ecosystems that depend on them, are facing threats like never before.

We are calling on the BC NDP government to implement a moratorium on the few old-growth hotspots left on Vancouver Island and to immediately transition to a sustainable forest economy.

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The forestry sector has faced increasing mill closures and the large-scale export of raw logs, leading to the loss of good local jobs. Climate change is intensifying the wildfire seasons, pest outbreaks, watershed impacts and habitat degradation.

We are at a crossroads.

We can keep ignoring the problem until the jobs are all gone, the old growth forests are cut down and we are left scrambling to pay the costs for mismanaging these resources.

Or we can have the political leadership to tackle the problem and work with everyone involved on a solution.

We are calling on the government to: 1) Immediately halt logging in the few intact old-growth hotspots remaining on Vancouver Island. 2) Invest in mill retrofits so that the coastal logging industry is able to process second-growth and value added products and transition to sustainable forestry. 3) Develop a long-term forestry plan based on: Nation-to-nation consultation and a transparent engagement process for impacted communities.

BC’s remaining old-growth forests are scattered across the province. Some of these are considered by biologists, conservationists, First Nations, recreationalists, and businesses to be of critical conservation significance. These are old-growth “hotspots.”

What are the BC Green Party calling for, and why do we need to protect old-growth forests?

Continuing to log important old-growth forests on Vancouver Island is irresponsible and unsustainable. This must be stopped - and we must immediately begin to transition to a sustainable second-growth industry. Add your name if you support our plan.

Read Sonia and Adam’s old-growth stories and then share yours. Tell us and others why the forests of BC are important to you! We're all connected to this landscape. Share your pictures and your stories on our website and social media. #GreenBCandMe #MyOldGrowthStory
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