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Andrew Weaver Welcomes BCTF call for Binding Arbitration

Victoria B.C. – Andrew Weaver, MLA for Oak Bay-Gordon Head and Deputy Leader of the BC Green Party welcomes the call today from the BC Teachers Federation for binding arbitration in the ongoing education dispute.

“It’s time to resolve this dispute and get our children back into the classroom,” says Andrew Weaver. “The signs are clear that mediation isn’t working; we need another way to bring the two sides together. Binding arbitration is a perfectly reasonable request. The government will look entirely unreasonable if they do not agree”.

Labour Day Greetings

Labour Day provides all British Columbians with an opportunity to reflect on and give thanks to workers in every field who make our province exceptional. We should remember this history of organized labour, unions and professional groups whose contributions to the fabric of our communities must not be underestimated or forgotten.

The rights every worker takes for granted today were only achieved after decades of activism, pressure and progressive policies from individuals and organizations committed to an equitable labour force. To those from the past, and those who continue this vital work, today is your day, and we salute you.

The B.C. Green Party is committed to ensuring the rights of all workers are not eroded: that everyone who contributes to our economy is treated with fairness, that worker safety is a priority and not an after-thought, and that everyone has opportunities.

B.C. Greens welcome government announcement of an independent investigation of Mt. Polley and tailings ponds.

The B.C. Green Party welcomes the B.C. Government’s announcement of a three-person panel charged with undertaking an independent investigation of the Mount Polley mine tailings pond dam failure that occurred two weeks ago today. The panel will investigate all aspects of the dam’s failure and will report back to government with recommendations by January 31, 2015. The investigation will be paid for by Imperial Metals.

B.C. Green Party welcomes B.C. government stand for the public interest

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Aug. 12, 2014

VICTORIA, B.C. – The B.C. Green Party welcomes the Province of British Columbia’s response condemning Kinder Morgan’s request to the National Energy Board (NEB) to file their Emergency Management Program (EMP) for the proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion confidentially.

All tailings ponds need immediate inspection: B.C. Green Party

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Aug. 7, 2014

VICTORIA, B.C. – In light of the tragic industrial disaster at Mount Polley Mine south of Quesnel, the B.C. Green Party is calling on the provincial government to require every mine in the province to undertake an independent engineering report of their tailings storage facilities.

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