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Growing Green in the Okanagan Valley

In May 2013, Dr. Andrew Weaver was elected to the British Columbia Legislature by the people of Oak Bay-Gordon Head. He was the first B.C. Green elected in the province and he has represented his constituents and the Party well.

BC Greens elect new Executive Council

The BC Green Party has now elected a new Provincial Council! The final results are as follows: 

Chair: Bob Lorriman
Vice Chair: Roy Ball
Treasurer: Marcus Madsen
Councillors-at-Large: Rita Fromholt, Jordana Dhahan, Jessica McIlroy
Secretary: Kim Darwin
Policy Chair: Bill Masse

Mandatory leadership contest before AGM 2015: Failed (no 58%) 

Resolution #1 "Core Principles Review": Passed (Yes 82%)
Resolution #2 "Protection for Rodeo Animals": Passed (Yes 80%) 
Resolution #3 "Omnibus Policies for Rescinding" : Passed (Yes 78%)
Resolution #4 "New Governance Structure": Failed (No 70%)
From the floor: Motion recommending making Zero Waste Strategies a priority for the policy committee (more details to come): Passed

Statement by Interim-Leader Adam Olsen on MLA Pat Pimm's remarks about First Nations people

I am disappointed at the racist comments made in an email by Pat Pimm, the MLA for Peace River North. As a former member of the British Columbia Cabinet, a B.C. Liberal caucus member and a member of the Select Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs, I am shocked that he would show such disrespect for the First Nations people of our province.

Renewing relationships in B.C. education

SilasSchoolBus.JPGThe relationship between the B.C. Public School Employers’ Association (BCSEA) and the B.C. Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) continues to disintegrate. Their dueling press conferences in the past couple of days has once again magnified the poor state of contract negotiations in public education in British Columbia.

166,000+ call for Parks Amendment Act to be repealed [MEDIA RELEASE]

Media Advisory May 14, 2014
For Immediate Release 

Victoria, B.C. - The B.C. Green Party stands in full support of the Sierra Club of B.C., B.C. Wilderness Committee, and Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society as they presented a petition today with over 166,000 signatures, demanding the B.C. Liberal government repeal Bill 4: The Parks Amendment Act.

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