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Questioning the government on Site C

This week, Andrew, Sonia and Adam used all their time in Question Period to question the government on their plans for Site C. Watch the videos:

Mon. Nov. 20: Sonia Furstenau


Tues. Nov. 21: Adam Olsen


Wed. Nov. 22: Andrew Weaver

Video to be posted 


Thurs. Nov. 23: Sonia Furstenau

Results: Internal elections (Sept. 2017)

Internal party elections were held from Sept. 22 to Oct. 4, 2017 to elect Councillors-at-Large to Provincial Council.

The winners of the vote are Sharon Forrester (two-year term) and Valentine Wu (one-year term).

Liberals continue to play games in BC; UK gets back to business

It’s been well over a month since the May 9th British Columbia election and the BC legislature has still not reconvened. There has been absolutely no need for the delay. The legislature could and should have been recalled in early June (as the premier stated she would) in order for the BC Liberals to test the confidence in the house. Instead, the BC Liberals continue their political calculation of delay and distraction, all the while sowing the seeds of fear within the electorate.

It’s time for the Premier to give British Columbians the certainty they deserve

Over the last few weeks there have been many political pundits, reporters and commentators speculating as to what will transpire when the BC Legislature sits on June 22. Some have questioned how a stable government could be maintained with such a slim majority of seats.

The challenge

As BC Greens, we believe in walking the talk.

That's why, under Andrew Weaver's leadership, we banned big money from our party in September.

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