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Personal information and privacy with the BC Green Party

The BC Green Party strongly believes that all organizations must diligently protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal information. For these reasons, I want you to be aware of a review our staff recently conducted of our past relationship with a Victoria-based technology company, AggregateIQ (“AIQ”). Our primary concern was the possible misuse of BC Green Party data, which AIQ had access to.

We have determined that there is no evidence to suggest that any BC Green Party data was misused, but being transparent with you about the concerns that led to our review is important to us.

This week in Question Period – Speculation Tax

This week, the MLAs focused most of their questions on the government's Speculation Tax, which acts more like a Vacant Homes Tax and will affect many people who are not, in fact, speculating in our out-of-control housing market.

This week in Question Period – MSP payroll tax and MCFD

This week, the MLAs focused their questions on the MSP payroll tax, which may increase costs for some businesses, especially charities and non-profits, beyond what they are already paying by covering the full cost of their employee's MSP premiums.

This week in Question Period – Wild salmon

This week, the MLAs focused their questions for the government on the fate of wild salmon in our province. Farmed salmon and other fish on several migratory routes have put wild salmon populations at significant risk, including near-extinction in some cases.

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Caucus responses to Throne Speech and Budget 2018

Official responses in the legislature to the NDP government's Throne Speech and Budget as well as caucus' initial reactions to Budget 2018 in the caucus office.

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