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It’s time for the Premier to give British Columbians the certainty they deserve

Over the last few weeks there have been many political pundits, reporters and commentators speculating as to what will transpire when the BC Legislature sits on June 22. Some have questioned how a stable government could be maintained with such a slim majority of seats.

The challenge

As BC Greens, we believe in walking the talk.

That's why, under Andrew Weaver's leadership, we banned big money from our party in September.

What they're saying

The televised leader's debate just finished. We are so proud of Andrew Weaver standing up for our positive vision for this province.

Throne Speech 2017: Forestry

The Throne Speech 2017 provides a few passing sentences about BC forestry and the government’s approach in the coming year and beyond. On reading these few words, one would come away with the impression that the key problem facing the industry is access to the US market and the softwood lumber agreement.  All the actions highlighted were limited to one area: finding markets for BC’s exports.  Yes, this is one of the issues facing the forestry sector. Yet what is avoided are the biggest issues facing forestry in BC. The government is looking outwards at foreign markets when most of the ills lie within the sector and how the BC Liberals have adjusted the rules of the game. Our forestry sector requires an extensive reconsideration and revitalization.

Basic income, Part IV: Recommendations & a commitment to British Columbians


Over the fall, we have explored the concept of basic income in a series of posts on my website, asking for your feedback on each post. The responses I have received, through comments on the website and my Facebook page, as well as in calls and emails to my office, have shown me that there is significant interest in the idea. The reaction has included high levels of support and enthusiasm, as well as a number of concerns and questions.

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