Furstenau, candidates launch by-election campaigns

May 27, 2023

LANGFORD B.C. – B.C. Green Party leader Furstenau will join Langford-Juan de Fuca candidate Camille Currie in her Langford campaign office to participate in campaign activities this afternoon:

WHAT: Leader Sonia Furstenau and candidate Camille Currie in Langford-Juan de Fuca

WHEN: Today (May 27, 2023), 2:00 PM

WHERE: B.C. Green campaign office, 734 Goldstream Ave, Langford B.C.

B.C. Green Party statements on the start of the official by-election period in Langford-Juan de Fuca and Vancouver-Mount Pleasant:

Sonia Furstenau, B.C. Green Leader:

“It’s time to elect more B.C. Green MLAs to the provincial legislature. British Columbians have seen how MLA Adam Olsen and I represent our communities and achieve real results for accessible healthcare, affordable housing, and bold climate action. The results of these by-elections will not change who is in government, but they will determine who effectively represents you in the legislature, and they can multiply the impact of the B.C. Greens in this province. I encourage voters to think about who will truly serve you best, and how much more we can accomplish with Camille Currie and Wendy Hayko joining Adam and me in the B.C. legislature.”

Camille Currie, candidate for Langford-Juan de Fuca:

"I am so thrilled that we're finally, officially starting this by-election. I have been hearing daily at the doorsteps how frustrated people are and how many critical issues need to be addressed by this government. Our team is ready to work tirelessly to show them that Langford-Juan de Fuca can have a local MLA that will deliver results on access to primary care, make life more affordable so everyone can take care of their needs, and protect the most vulnerable affected by the climate crisis."

Currie is the founder and President of B.C. Health Care Matters and a Langford small business owner.

Wendy Hayko, candidate for Vancouver-Mount Pleasant:

“We need new approaches to the crises facing our communities. The B.C. Liberal (now B.C. United) government eroded many of the core services we rely on, such as healthcare and social services, and the B.C. NDP government has not been able to fix them in the six years they have been in power. Vancouver-Mount Pleasant needs a new voice at the table - one who knows the hardships faced by this community first hand. B.C. Greens are building a province where everyone’s needs are met. People will not be left on their own to manage through a toxic-drug crisis, lack of affordable housing, and worsening extreme weather events. With this vision in hand, I am ready to earn your vote for MLA.”

Hayko is an emergency management expert.

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Bio - Camille Currie

Camille Currie is the founder and President of Canada Pacific Health Care Matters Society that operates through BC Health Care Matters. Outside of activism, Camille is an entrepreneur and owner of Actualize Personal Training. She became a personal trainer because of her passion for helping individuals improve their health and well being. Camille is also part of a highly respected family-owned local business which her husband owns and operates, providing marine repair services to the Westshore and Greater Victoria.

Camille received an undergraduate degree in political science and economics from the University of Alberta. She has held a number of positions in the public, private and volunteer sector. She is known for being a conscientious, articulate and committed team member who values integrity above all.

Camille is known for her “Let’s get it done!” approach to problems. When her family lost its family doctor in January 2022, she thought of the thousands of others without a family doctor. “My voice, their voice!” She responded to this crisis, which is so acute for families in the Westshore, by engaging social media, news media and like-minded activists to expose the crisis. She has organized rallies and public meetings to ensure diverse perspectives were honoured and listened to. Camille has worked collaboratively and respectfully with BC health professionals and elected officials and continues to challenge every citizen to find their voice in all matters that affect them, including health. Camille is passionate about public engagement and universal health care and if elected, will continue to build on her leadership in those areas.

Bio - Wendy Hayko

Wendy Hayko is an emergency management expert with over 20 years experience building resilient communities. Wendy has experience at bringing people and government agencies together for solutions from many sides of the table, including non-profit organizations, local and global business, and as municipal staff and staff for First Nations.

Wendy believes government is there to support the best in people and organizations, and to curb the worst. In government, the job of an MLA is to represent people and all life, valuing them over corporate interests.

Wendy’s goals include changing policy to ensure housing is treated as a human right, available and accessible to all. Additionally, Wendy will expand the work BC Greens have begun to ensure healthcare – physical and mental – is prioritized and supported so everyone in BC gets the care they need, when they need it. Supporting wellness, in addition to emergency and trauma care, is a crucial component of our healthcare system.

Wendy’s focus will be on climate and emergency policies which move British Columbia towards a safe, sustainable future. The economic opportunities when shifting from fossil fuels are enormous; Wendy will support local businesses to take advantage of those opportunities, so sustainable choices become available to people in all walks of life.

Wendy lives unhoused in Vancouver and enjoys traveling the beautiful province of British Columbia and across Canada.

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