Camille Currie


“Every action, no matter how small, contributes to our collective responsibility in prioritizing the well-being of both people and the planet.”

When her family lost their family doctor in January 2022, Camille recognized the broader issue affecting thousands without a family doctor and took action, becoming a voice for many communities. She established B.C. Health Care Matters, a community patient advocacy group to tackle the family doctor crisis. Over the past three years, she has been on the frontline of the battle to fix and improve our failing healthcare system. She and her husband are small business owners and proudly call the Westshore home.

"I strongly believe that our communities are the key to transforming lives in British Columbia and raising expectations. I don’t accept our current state as the new normal - we have so much potential for better in this province; we just need to put people in the legislature who will actually get the work done.”

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