Wendy Hayko


I want to ensure my children have housing, and a safe, healthy world to raise their own children. I want to know whatever path my children choose, we’ve got their back. Whoever their life partner is, whatever health they have, whatever work they do, they have a place in our society.

As an MLA, I will work to ensure everyone has a safe home; can do meaningful, well-paying work; and has access to the public services they need to stay healthy.
I will push the provincial government to take effective action on the many issues facing British Columbians today. As an emergency management expert, I’ve seen firsthand how the provincial government underestimates the risks and impacts of crises, leading to devastating results.

I am particularly concerned about government inaction on the consequential impacts of climate change, such as BC’s recent wildfires and atmospheric rivers and flooding. Sadly, I’ve also seen the provincial government leave communities without the resources and supports they need to provide mental health care, combat the drug overdose crisis and protect our public health care system. I’ve sat with people preparing to attend three funerals in one weekend for family members who died by suicide, overdose and illness in the same week. I’m standing up to take action now to mitigate these terrifying, costly, destructive impacts.

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