Michael Barkusky nominated as B.C. Greens candidate in Vancouver-Quilchena

March 20, 2017

VANCOUVER B.C. – The B.C. Green Party is pleased to announce the nomination of its candidate for Vancouver-Quilchena, Michael Barkusky. Barkusky has considerable experience as an economist, professional accountant and financial executive. He is currently serving as a Director, Treasurer and economics spokesperson for the Board of Change, a progressive business group based in Vancouver.

“I am excited by the opportunity to be the B.C. Greens' candidate in the election in Vancouver-Quilchena,” said Barkusky. “I certainly respect my opponents in this riding and promise the voters, as well as my rivals, a mature and respectful debate about the substantive issues in this election. We all care, I hope, about the future of B.C., and good logic and solid evidence, not ideology and preconceptions, should always guide how we manage it.”

Andrew Weaver, leader of the B.C. Green Party, welcomed Barkusky’s nomination.

“I am delighted to welcome Michael to our team,” said Weaver. “His combination of business and non-profit experience make him well-placed to represent the people of Vancouver-Quilchena in the context of our changing economy. His commitment to respectful dialogue and evidence-based policymaking is sorely needed in the Legislature. I’m thrilled that he is running with the B.C. Greens and look forward to watching his campaign develop.”

Please see http://www.bcgreens.ca/candidate_nominations for a full list of the party’s nomination contestants and candidates to date.

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