A message to British Columbians on BC Day 2014

In 1996, the British Columbia government recognized the first Monday in August as a statutory holiday celebrating the “pioneers who built the colony of British Columbia into the great province it is.”

On BC Day 2014, I am pausing to celebrate our province, which we fondly refer to as “Super, natural British Columbia” and “The Best Place on Earth!”. Indeed, we are proud to live in “Beautiful British Columbia”.

As the Leader of the BC Green Party, it is an honour to serve all British Columbians, and to celebrate our rich history together today.

The Green Party strives to make BC the most innovative, collaborative, friendly and safe region in the world.

We embrace the vision of a province that is the most highly educated and healthiest place on the planet. The foresight of past governments in protecting our food-producing land in perpetuity through the ALR and the courageous stand we took in being the first jurisdiction in North America to adopt a carbon tax are important contributions to our provincial legacy.

British Columbia can seize new opportunities to be a world leader, not just in one sector, but across many. A diversified British Columbia is a more resilient place, equipped to manage the ups and downs of a specific industry or commodity.

We are a wealthy society with strong democratic traditions that are enhanced when we encourage participation, consultation and meaningful engagement. It is the hope of the BC Green Party that our government embraces democracy in new, collaborative ways for future decision-making.

It is humbling to reflect on our responsibility to be good stewards and productive leaders in our time. While we work on behalf of this great province, we pay respect to the road we have traveled together, and set a keen eye on the road ahead.

From my family to yours, have a happy BC Day.

Adam Olsen,
Leader of the BC Green Party


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  • commented 2014-08-07 13:25:58 -0700
    If by Pioneers you mean 19th century could seem racist since indigeneous populations were there.If mean pioneering ideas a bit different.Other opportunities
    to seize are Green Marxist party and jobs.ca to post a job for Canadian Charter Rights and Freedoms computer program. Port Alberni Toyota in B.C,Tars Auto, Van Island Ford in Port Alberni ,and with Budget car rentals.A suggestion can be made how letting the Green Party represent them through a single piece of advertising in the local paper could save them money and promote electric cars.A piece in the A.V. Times indicated a desire for an electric car known as the Tesla named after Nicola Tesla a scientist who used electricity like Thomas Eddison
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