Weaver applauds Grizzly Bear Foundation inquiry

September 08, 2016

Victoria B.C. - “I welcome the Grizzly Bear Foundation’s inquiry into the status and future of grizzly bears in British Columbia and am supportive of the critical lens through which they are looking at this complex issue,” says Andrew Weaver, the MLA for Oak Bay - Gordon Head and Leader of the B.C. Green Party. 

 “Expanding our focus beyond trophy hunting is essential. While it is certainly an important factor, both morally and symbolically, and one I do not support, talking about trophy hunting alone is not enough. If we fail to also address poaching and threats to grizzly habitat and food supplies —  especially with climate change further compromising essential salmon and huckleberry stocks — we will fail to protect grizzly bears in the long term.

“I am thrilled the Grizzly Bear Foundation shares this view and is so dedicated to the long term survival of grizzly bears in British Columbia, as well as the respectful inclusion of all stakeholders.

“The protection of wildlife and biodiversity for future generation is an issue that is of great importance to me. My research staff and I have worked on this file since I was first elected; we will continue to do so into the upcoming election. Combined with the Auditor General’s report, this new inquiry will lead to positive changes in how we manage and respect grizzlies and other wildlife in B.C. 

“I look forward to attending the public hearing in Victoria this October.”


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