Ellisa Calder

Ellisa Calder

Let’s work together to build a British Columbia that makes our children proud. Let's be the province that leads the way in the 21st century. Let’s show the country and the world how to create a thriving and sustainable way of life.

British Columbia’s rich cultural and ecological diversity can support us and many future generations if we choose to protect and invest in it. British Columbians, as stewards of this province, deserve provincial leadership that is willing to stand up to elite interests to create a provincial community that shares equally in its bounty and beauty for years to come.

As the candidate for Vancouver-Kingsway I am excited and honoured to work with my fellow East Vancouver residents to fight for the issues that matter to them. This community possesses so many of the attributes that make British Columbia amazing while also dealing with many of the challenges all neighbourhoods are facing across the province. To create a thriving future for this and all of our communities, we need a new political model, one with economic, social, environmental, and fiscal sustainability at its core.

It’s time to put our hands up and start the movement - join me!

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