Statement on International Women's Day

March 8 marks International Women's Day (IWD), a day to recognize the struggles and successes of women across the world. The theme of this year's Women's Day, as determined by the UN, is 'Equality for Women is Progress for All'.  In Canada, where many of the realities preventing gender equality are often minimized, IWD helps to bring to light the obstacles and prejudices that women still face today.

“This past May, British Columbians elected a historic number of women to the Legislature, however, women are still vastly under-represented in politics in British Columbia comprising only 35% of MLAs," said Andrew Weaver, MLA, “Greens believe that real progress requires participation. We must recognize the importance of women in decision-making and work harder to achieve full gender equality”.

In Canada,  women represent just 26.4 per cent of all provincial and territorial legislators, still below the UN recommendation of 30%. International Women’s Day is an opportunity to reflect on the progress that has been made; the value that women bring to decision-making; and the work that must still be done to achieve gender equality. 

"The theme of IWD this year reminds us that devaluing women negatively affects society as a whole", said Adam Olsen, interim Leader. "When women are part of the decision making process, the outcomes are better economic growth, greater success in business, stronger peace agreements and more social progress. Gender Equality is ingrained the culture of the BC Green Party and in the 10 core principles that guide the party. On behalf of the BC Green party, I re-affirm our commitment to advocate for full gender equality”.

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