Tim Binnema

Tim Binnema

I have been a resident of Fleetwood since the year 2000. I am a businessman, employed as Manager of Engineering, a husband and father of four adult children. My life experience has given me the leadership and listening skills required to collaborate with the other MLA’s and advocate for the needs of my community.

The B.C. Green Party will set a new direction in leadership one that considers how decisions can strengthen our and our children’s ability to flourish in this beautiful province. The B.C. Green Party principles and policy framework, already known for ecological sustainability, also considers social justice and community sustainability with the aim of building resilient safe communities. These principles are important to me and echo what I have heard people in Fleetwood say is important to them.

On education, leadership that respects its teachers and empowers those responsible for educating our children will create a more effective education system.

On transportation The B.C. Green Party policies support the most economically efficient systems for the movement of goods and people. This together with a policy framework that supports local businesses will result in more jobs closer to home.

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