Pat McCutcheon


Pat studied Mechanical Engineering at UBC, graduating in 1985. In 1995, he started his own engineering consulting firm, offering engineering services to the heavy equipment manufacturers in the Lower Mainland.

Pat began researching the science behind climate change about 10 years ago and became very concerned about the effects it will have on future generations if we don't act quickly to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Pat joined the BC Green Party in 2019 because it appeared to be the only provincial party that took the threat seriously and promoted policies that resulted in environmental, economic, social, climate change and fiscal sustainability. Pat also volunteers with a few local NGOs focused on tackling climate change.

Pat is also a strong supporter of the BC Green Party's approach to developing evidence-based progressive policies and solutions. This is evident in the solutions recently rolled out by the party on healthcare reform, affordable housing and the toxic drug crisis.


Contact: [email protected]

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