Northern Gateway, Joint Review Panel – Conditional ‘Yes’

Media Statement December 19, 2013
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Northern Gateway, Joint Review Panel – Conditional ‘Yes’

Victoria BC - Today the National Energy Board’s Joint Review Panel released its report to the Federal Cabinet on Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline. The panel’s conditional ‘yes’ is deeply concerning, considering the opposition by the BC Government, First Nations, environmental groups and the majority of the people of the province.  

However, it is the 209 conditions that apply for the project to proceed which require emphasis. The Federal Cabinet must ensure that these conditions will be fully met before approving the project. It is unclear how the marine spill response conditions can be fully met, given the lack of scientific research and understanding of how diluted bitumen behaves in a marine environment.

“To date, not a single oil spill response study has adequately accounted for what would happen if DilBit were to spill in the ocean. The BC Government has said they require world class, effective spill response capacity, but don’t yet know how they will evaluate this. How can we possibly gauge how well prepared we are for a DilBit spill if the science, the studies and the evaluative criteria don’t even exist?” Andrew Weaver MLA

The question remains if the recommendations will meet the five requirements outlined by the BC Government, or even if the Northern Gateway Project itself can satisfy the conditions outlined by the Joint Review Panel. The Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs remain firmly opposed, and their participation is vital for the project to move forward.

“It is deeply concerning that the Joint Review Panel has recommended the approval of the Northern Gateway Pipeline. The vast majority of British Columbians have made it clear they are opposed to the pipeline. My question to the Christy Clark is: Will you stand up for BC like you promised during the election and stop this pipeline, or will you stand by while the Federal government impose its will on our province?” Adam Olsen, Interim Leader BC Green Party


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