National carbon price a welcome start

October 03, 2016

VICTORIA, B.C. and OTTAWA, ON - The announcement of a national price on carbon is a welcome start says Andrew Weaver, MLA for Oak Bay-Gordon Head and Leader of the B.C. Green Party.

The federal government announced today a carbon pricing scheme starting at $10 per tonne beginning in 2018, rising by $10 annually to $50 per tonne in 2022. Provinces and territories can choose a direct carbon tax, or a cap-and-trade model as long as greenhouse gas reduction targets are met.

“The national carbon price is an encouraging start to have all of Canada on a program to meet the commitments we signed under the Paris agreement.” says Andrew Weaver, “This plan also ensures any revenue collected remains in the provinces and territories allowing each jurisdiction flexibility on investments or tax relief.”

“Beyond a national carbon price what we need is federal investment to encourage all regions of Canada to move from a carbon intensive to a carbon neutral economy. That can, and should, involve many sectors like energy, transportation and construction. The opportunity now is to demonstrate national and international leadership from all levels of government. As leader of the B.C. Green Party my commitment is to ensure British Columbia is at the forefront of the transition to a 21st century economy.

“While this is a big step forward for Canada, the reality is that $10 per tonne is not enough to change behaviour. British Columbia should develop its own aggressive timeline for increases to its carbon tax. The effectiveness of our tax has been greatly reduced by not increasing it, as both Climate Leadership Teams recommended. British Columbia needs to make the pricing of carbon a centerpiece of our approach to economic development in order to properly and adequately address climate change.”

Andrew Weaver was on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario for the announcement today.

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