Leadership Contest is Now Open

The B.C. Green Party will hold a membership vote for a new leader in February 2016. At the 2015 AGM, the party passed the following special resolution: “To initiate a leadership contest before the adjournment of the 2016 AGM."

In preparation for the contest, Leadership Election Rules have been prepared and approved by the Provincial Council and are available on our website http://www.greenparty.bc.ca/lec-rules.

The rules are designed to reflect the importance of electing a leader going into the 2017 provincial general election and heading a strong caucus of Green MLAs in the B.C. Legislature.

Candidates for leader must be a member of the Party in good standing by no later than six months prior to November 2, 2015, (or failing this may make special application) and must submit their application package no later than 5:00 pm PST on December 1, 2015. A $7,500.00 applicant fee is due at the time of filing the application. Applications and regulations covering candidates and voting members can be found on www.greenparty.bc.ca.

Upon approval, applicants become a “nominee” and must be endorsed by at least 75 B.C. Green Party members in good standing as of December 31, 2015. The ‘Campaign Period’ for each candidate begins upon approval of their application, when they are deemed a nominee, and ends at midnight PST on February 4, 2015. There is a per candidate campaign spending cap of $25,000.

The Leadership Election will be held online beginning February 1, 2015, and  terminating 5:00 pm PST on February 5, 2016. All B.C. Green Party members residing in British Columbia and in good standing prior to December 31, 2015 are eligible to vote.


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