Official Leadership Debate

The official leadership debate will be held on Tuesday, September 1st from 7:30–8:45 PM Pacific Time. 

The debate will be broadcast live online so that voters can watch wherever they are in the province.

You can watch it on our social platforms: 

 YouTube  Facebook



There will be no opportunity for candidates to answer live questions from the audience during the debate. The questions asked were taken from the audience and submitted through the official submission page before 11:59 PM on August 25th. Please note: the question submission period is now closed.  

We encourage conversation and discussion on the platforms during the event; but any rude, disrespectful or hate speech in the comments will not be tolerated and will be removed.

Tue. Sep 1, 2020
7:30 PM to 8:45 PM
Streamed online via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter
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