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Two exciting individuals are running to be your candidate in Juan de Fuca-Malahat for the 2024 election! David Evans and Kathy Code are both local changemakers who want to make a difference in their riding. Get to know them better below and cast your vote before May 11th, 2024.

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David Evans

✉️ [email protected]

"I am running to be the Member of BC’s Legislative Assembly for the new riding of Juan de Fuca Malahat. If elected, I will challenge the status quo. Today, BC finds itself with multiple crises - great inequality, climate crisis, housing insecurity and healthcare nearly impossible to find. Outdated ways of thinking got us here. Now is the time for new, Green ideas."

David Evans is a father, business owner and entrepreneur living in the traditional territory of the T’Sou-ke Nation. He has a degree in communications, has worked in radio, and has written for magazines regionally, nationally and internationally.

David worked for a decade as a farmer and horticulturist, opening a maintenance gardening business in Victoria in 1995. In the early years of this business, David relied entirely on hand tools and bicycles, and was almost entirely fueled by granola bars - lots of them!

From 2007 to 2023, David was the owner of Sooke’s inclusive community hub, The Stick in the Mud Coffee House. In July 2023 the cafe and bakery were sold to a co-operative formed by staff, customers, and community members. David now owns and operates the Stick in the Mud's Coffee Roastoreum, a coffee wholesaler.

David views the political landscape through a unique lens and he knows that the status quo is incapable of rescuing us from the problems that it created. Working with the public, David has heard the concerns of his neighbours evolve over time. Today, in the Juan de Fuca Malahat, the concerns range from Traffic, Cost Of Living, Housing Insecurity, Healthcare, Political Division and Drought to the The Climate Crisis and more.

As a business owner, David knows that people are capable of wonderful things when they work together with a shared vision. Together we can do it.

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Kathy Code

✉️ [email protected]

"Business as usual has got us to the precipice, with the public interest a mere shadow in the face of corporate desires. The Green Party of BC offers a different way of doing business, one based on social and environmental well-being. I am running to be a BC Green Party candidate to represent the interests of the people, the environment, and a society that works for and embraces everyone, leaving no one behind."

Born and raised in Victoria, Kathy has pursued a lifelong thirst for knowledge and life experiences. She completed a double major BA in Psychology and Political Science (UVic), a criminology diploma (Camosun College) and a Masters degree in Environment and Management (Royal Roads University).

A single mom, she has a diversity of work experiences, learning the value of self-reliance, ingenuity and resilience. Work included stints as a nurse's aide in a seniors' home, retail sales, Associate Editor of Business Examiner and freelance writer. In 1996, she was hired by the BC Provincial Government and served in the areas of social services, gaming and rural and economic development. In 2017, she retired as an economic development policy analyst, with deep experience in the intricate bureaucratic and political workings of government.

Throughout her life, Kathy served her community through volunteer activities. This includes organizations such as the Cool Aid Society (Communications Director), the Single Parent Resource Centre, the Keating Farm Co-op, the Ecoforestry Institute Society (Communications Director; Chair), the Cowichan Family Life Associate (Vice President) and Fairy Creek (founder of the legal team; media relations; Indigenous relations).

Along with developing a small farm operation, she continues to study BC government forest policy and industrial forestry practices, environmental economics, the climate crisis, the public interest and social values.

Learning the issues; finding the solutions. Kathy has a lifetime of success to share as a Green Party candidate.

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