Jared Areshenkoff

For Regional Rep: Vancouver

My intention in applying for a Counsellor-at large position is to preserve and protect our natural environment from corporate destruction and extraction methods for the sole purpose of economic gain with no repercussions for environmental integrity. My values are centered around preserving and protecting biodiversity as well as equal rights for everyone. I always take a scientific and peer-reviewed approach to make valid arguments. Education plays a significant role to achieve meaningful change. This is where I feel that I can make the largest impact, considering I am well educated, and spent a lot of time volunteering within my community. Working in a team like environment with members of different backgrounds will allow us to have robust discussions that will lead to better strategic planning and governance.

The Green Party is currently in a stage of transition and part of my goals would be to solidify unity within the party and its members by providing strategic direction and oversight for party goals, while keeping the party accountable. I look forward to having the opportunity to take on a leadership role and utilize my skills in a meaningful way.


Jared grew up in the West Kootenay region of BC where the natural environment played a important role in his upbringing, values, and worldview. He currently lives in Whistler BC where recreation plays an important part of daily life. He understands that protecting natural ecosystems and creating policies to reach climate targets is crucial for the future health of our planet.

Jared is an environmental sustainability professional and enthusiast who researches biodiversity initiatives, clean and renewable energy projects, human behavior effects and most notably trees and their ecosystems. From his educational experience, he has become increasingly interested in environmental issues related to biodiversity loss. He also enjoys politics, writing, researching, and conversing with others about meaningful topics.

Jared recently completed graduate school and earned his Master of Science in Environmental Management. His thesis investigated the carbon sequestration and storage capacity of trees in the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW). This is incredibly valuable research to the RMOW and for BC. He used new methods to quantify forest carbon structure to make the argument that trees are worth more from an economic perspective standing as opposed to merchantable lumber value. Carbon valuation was derived from current market value of CO2e. Jared currently sits on the Forestry Wildland Advisory Committee for the RMOW where the committee advises the Cheakamus Community Forest on future logging plans, carbon offset program, wildfire mitigation, biodiversity loss, among others. Jared also volunteers with many other organizations including POW Canada, Sierra Club, and BC Forestry Reform.

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