ICBC reforms prioritize access to care, remove barriers to a speedy recovery

March 05, 2020

VICTORIA, B.C. – Today the B.C. Green Caucus welcomed new legislation that will reform ICBC and adopt a public care-based model that puts people before profits.

“By adopting a public care-based model, our insurance will be better able to deliver top-quality care for British Columbians who are injured on the road, while also providing affordable rates for all,” said B.C. Green Party interim leader Adam Olsen and MLA for Saanich-North and the Islands. 

“The B.C. Green Caucus has long advocated for reforming ICBC, and we welcome the decision to adopt a public care-based model. However, for these reforms to be successful, government and ICBC will need to earn the trust of British Columbians with a smooth implementation of this new system. It is critical that government lead the way in creating a significant cultural shift in ICBC in order for the public to trust that they will receive the supports they need. 

“This includes making sure the new system works well for the many British Columbians who do not have a family doctor. Throughout the province, particularly in rural areas, people already struggle with access to medical professionals. When advancing these reforms, government must consider the impact of the doctor shortage. A care-based model only works if British Columbians can access the care they need. 

“The inefficiency of the previous system caused undue stress and delays for accident victims. We must remember the purpose of our auto insurance: providing for the health and well-being of British Columbians when they need it. It is not to force them into lengthy, costly and stressful litigation in the courts. By removing the additional steps required in going to court, this model will enable British Columbians to access care quickly and in a way that is best for their recovery. 


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