How do I check my riding or region?


  1. Sign into your BC Green Party website account. If you don't know how to do that, follow the instructions here.
  2. Click on the user account icon (Figure A.) or profile image in the top right corner of the screen, which will open a sidebar on the right of the screen.

    Figure A.

  3. Under "Supporter snapshot", you will see information regarding your riding and region. It will tell you:
    • If we have a record of your address, your riding and region will be displayed (Figure C.).

      Figure C.

    • If you do not believe this is your correct riding or region, click the link below it to update your address (Figure D).

      Figure D.

    • If we do not have a record of your address, or our record of your address is incomplete, click on the link to enter it (Figure E.).

      Figure E.

      Important notes:
      • Once you have entered your address, it may take our system a few minutes to process it and determine your riding and region.
      • Our system requires your full address to determine your riding and region.
      • Elections BC is the official authority for determining a voter's riding. If our system cannot produce a result or it seems incorrect, consult Elections BC's interactive map of ridings. Enter your address in the search bar in the top right hand of the screen.
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