Guidelines for Policy Submission

Policy provides guidance for decision making. Policy articulates high level direction and values, as opposed to concrete actions.  To be included in the BC Greens Policy document, a policy must be:

  • Consistent with our six core principles
  • Provide guidance for decision makers 
  • Be applicable in multiple situations

Equally it should not:

  • Contain specific actions (tactics)
  • Be time bounded
  • Prescribe specific strategy

It must also pertain to:

Strategy and tactics are important to the BC Greens, but do not fit in the policy document.

The following statement provides clear guidance to BC Green Party MLAs and party strategists, but allows them to devise the detailed strategies and tactics needed for implementation a particular time:

“BC Greens support the development of renewable energy in order to prevent and mitigate the effects of climate change.”

On the other hand, the next statement is time bounded and prescriptive:

“BC should be completely off fossil fuels by 2030 by switching to solar and wind energy.”

While moving off fossil fuels is desirable, being overly prescriptive on timing and actions narrows the range of options for our platform and positions.

Policy Evaluation Criteria

The BC Greens Policy Committee evaluates policy proposals on the basis of these criteria:

  1. Classification. Where does your proposal fit within the existing  BC Green Party theme(s) and sub categories within the current policy document. The current themes are:
    • Our environment
    • Social and economic equity
    • Health
    • A sustainable economy
    • Responsible government
    • Sub-categories can be found in ​BC Green Policy.
  2. Title/Objectives​: A title, of no more than one sentence, is provided that succinctly describes the nature of the policy, followed by a clear statement of what the policy is designed to achieve.
  3. Desired outcomes​. Clear statement of the benefits to British Columbia or British Columbians in adopting this policy.
  4. Policy statement​. The policy is a single concept, and is self-explanatory. It is expressed in plain language and uses the least number of words possible. The policy addresses a broad issue, and is not overly specific or prescriptive.
  5. Justification​. There is a clear explanation of why this policy is necessary and how this policy relates to other BC Green Party policies. It should not conflict with or contradict other Party policies and principles. Or if it does, you should identify the reasons why this policy should supersede existing policy.
  6. Practicality. The policy proposed is realistic and is supported by the evidence. Examples of supporting evidence, even if anecdotal, should be attached. Please include a summary if you are attaching multiple documents.
  7. Jurisdiction: The policy falls within provincial jurisdiction, and it is clear how it relates to current provincial government policy.
  8. Reconciliation: If applicable, the  policy should align with the BC Greens’ dedication to exceed the minimum standards set by UNDRIP, and pursue the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation commission.
  9. Impacts: You will be asked to identify who or what will benefit most from the policy and any negative impacts that might occur.

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