Groundhog Day

Today, February 2nd, is Groundhog Day and we're watching for the groundhog to emerge from it's burrow. According to folklore, if the groundhog sees it's shadow we're in for six more weeks of winter, if it doesn't, then spring will come early.

Here at the BC Green Party, we’ve been busy working hard all winter and now that Groundhog Day has rolled around it’s time to take a peek out and see what the future might bring.  

The past year has been an exciting year for the BC Green Party. We saw the election of the first Green MLA, Andrew Weaver,  growing organization across the province and increasing popular support.  Momentum is strong for an amazing 2014.  
With legislature back in session this month and Canada’s first Green MLA providing a strong voice for green priorities, we are forecasting a bright future with an excellent chance of positive change!   
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