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I too am very pleased with the election spending bill. I think the limit set for individual donations is about right. I would not want to see it set higher as this gives more influence to wealthier individuals. Respecting government funding for election expenses I think this is acceptable as a transition measure but I think the amount of funding should be set lower. Also I think that if we are to provide funding there should be a method for supporting individuals who run as independents.

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We appreciate your feedback Garry! The "per-vote allowance" will start at $2.50, but will decrease every year for 4 years before being eliminated. Additionally, I agree independents should be more supported. The 50% campaign reimbursement included in the bill can make this possible! The initiative is designed to make running for MLA more accessible to everyone! This way candidates can compete with others from big parties while transitioning away from corporate and union donations.


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  • Kelsey Reid
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