Gandhi responds to MoH announcement on Surrey Memorial Hospital

June 07, 2023

SURREY B.C. – B.C. Green deputy leader Dr. Sanjiv Gandhi released the following statement today in response to announcements from the Minister of Health regarding Surrey Memorial Hospital:

“Doctors and nurses have been sounding the alarm about the situation in hospitals in B.C. for months. Patients are at risk because the workplace at Surrey Memorial Hospital is not safe, and the healthcare system does little to support healthcare workers. 

“Today’s announcement made no acknowledgement that healthcare workers themselves who, despite their obvious dedication, feel unable to provide the best clinical care possible. What we need from the health minister right now is a concrete plan with clear deliverables and measurable outcomes to address the dire conditions in hospitals.”

“The government is paying too much attention to the wrong side of the solution. The increased number of MRIs performed in Surrey were touted as some sort of marker of success, when in reality, that number has nothing to do with how many people recover from illness. The B.C. NDP must stop focusing on numbers as a symbol of triumph and turn their attention to the health outcomes and overall wellness of the people they are tasked with serving.

“Today’s announced service increases leave us with more questions than answers. Service expansions need to be coupled with concrete plans for human resources, funding, and tangible metrics to assess progress. This lack of planning and transparency is a clear indicator of the failing leadership structure that is a prevailing characteristic of all B.C. health authorities. It urgently needs to be addressed and changed, with swift action taken to solve chronic staff shortages. The crisis at Surrey Memorial Hospital is a microcosm of the disastrous state of healthcare in B.C. A fundamental overhaul of how we deliver healthcare is urgently required, rather than perpetual reactive crisis control.”

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