Furstenau to run for re-election in riding of Victoria-Beacon Hill

January 31, 2024

VICTORIA, B.C. – In a move that marks both a return to roots and a step forward in her political journey, Sonia Furstenau has announced her candidacy for the upcoming election in the riding of Victoria-Beacon Hill. This decision comes as a natural evolution for the seasoned political leader, whose deep family ties and legacy in Victoria have been a foundational force in her remarkable career.

“After a lot of reflection, I have made the decision that I will run in Victoria-Beacon Hill in the upcoming election. This is a decision that I do not take lightly, but it is the right decision for me and my family, as we have begun the process of relocating back to Victoria.”

"Victoria is not just a geographical location for me; it's where my story began, where my grandparents met at the historic Craigdarroch Castle, where my parents met, and where my brother and sister were born. It's where I spent two formative decades of my life, attending university, raising my first son, and building community in a city that I love," said Furstenau. 

After years of dedicated service and a groundbreaking win for the B.C. Greens in Cowichan Valley, Furstenau is returning to the place that shaped her early life and values. "Cowichan Valley has undergone significant changes in my time as MLA. I am proud of the historic levels of investment in the riding, and what we have accomplished since I was elected MLA in 2017. A new high school and hospital are being built, we have a beautiful hospice, and huge progress has been made towards a new weir that will help protect the Cowichan River from the droughts we see more and more frequently.  It has been an honour to serve the people of Cowichan, but my family and I have realized it's time for us to return to Victoria, as our children embark on the next chapters of their lives. Our roots in Victoria run deep, and it's here that I wish to continue my political journey, representing and giving back to the community that nurtured me," said Furstenau. 

Furstenau's decision to run in Victoria-Beacon Hill is a homecoming. "I recall telling my husband back in 2011 that we were only going to move to Shawnigan for a year. Yet, here we are, over a decade later, ready to embrace this new chapter. It’s a return to my beginnings, but with the gifts and experiences that I have gained along the way. It's a journey that has come full circle."

As an experienced stateswoman, Furstenau brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to the community that has always been close to her heart. Her campaign in Victoria-Beacon Hill is not just about winning an election; it's about returning to serve the community that has given her so much.


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