Furstenau: This is a sad day for democracy

October 19, 2022

VICTORIA B.C. – Sonia Furstenau, Leader of the  BC Green Party and Adam Olsen, MLA for Saanich North and the Islands, released the following statement on the disqualification of Anjali Appadurai from the BC NDP leadership contest:

“This is a sad day for democracy,” said Furstenau.  “Ms. Appadurai’s campaign spoke honestly about the overlapping health care, climate, and affordability crises that British Columbians are facing and this government’s failure to make progress on them. It’s no surprise that so many people were inspired by her message.  To those who joined Anjali’s campaign with so much hope: please don't give up on politics. The stakes are too high. It’s important that your voice is heard and we are listening.”

Olsen added, “The BC NDP’s message to climate voters has been clear: you are not welcome in the BC NDP. The fact that they have treated these voters with such hostility and suspicion has shown us all exactly where their priorities lie. This is the same party that voted with the BC Liberals to expand fossil fuel subsidies in 2018 - there was no way they were ever going to let a climate activist lead their party.”

“The governing party of British Columbia has cleared the way for their chosen candidate to walk right into the highest office in the province - unchallenged. David Eby will preside over a government that has  suppressed criticism and accountability by making information hard, and sometimes impossible, to access. The way the BC NDP has handled its leadership contest is no different. The BC NDP doesn’t want to discuss real climate action. It has made that clear in disqualifying Anjali Appadurai. We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen.  The BC Green Party will keep fighting to hold this government to account for failing to meet its climate target, for refusing to revoke the licenses for companies like Drax who are turning our forests  into pellets.”

“From climate action and affordable housing to healthcare and the poisoned drug crisis - we can do better, '' said Furstenau. “Our promise to everyone who knows that their government can do more on these issues: Adam and I, and the  B.C. Greens will keep working relentlessly to deliver the progress our province so desperately needs.” 

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