Banning Big Money Donations

l personally feel the allowable limit for donations, should be much lower. That way, each citizen of BC will be able to feel that they can contribute and afford to support their candidate and their party. Many people cannot afford to contribute the proposed $1,200 annual limit, so the few that can afford to, will have more influence than the majority, who cannot afford such an amount. l think it should be a limit of around $500. That way the parties will be on an equal footing and will have to be more involved with the election process, instead of buying billboards, and radio, print, and tv media advertising. The politicians will have to be more involved with the populace, one on one.

Definitely, eliminate any possible loop-holes for 3rd-party funding for PACs. l like the idea of less overall election spending, as it becomes more about the getting to know the candidates and the parties, by their efforts to work the crowds in the ridings and in the Province. lt brings the politicians back onto the level of the citizenry, instead of directing a 'War Games' election strategy from their 'lofty towers'.  

The NDP and Greens blew it when they just bought out their election financing reform package. lt seemed that right away they said we will ban c, u and in-kind donations, but now we will make you, the taxpayers shoulder the funding of the contesting parties for their election campaign. Why do politicians, in power, have such a 'perception deficit'? Don't they see that such a narrative is just going to blow up in their faces, and people will have forgotten that they were changing the election financing limit (which many of those that are now disgruntled, were wanting the NDP & greens to implement).

Besides editing for grammar and spelling, l wish that the two political parties that are now leading the charge for change would also look at what they are trying to convey in the 'Message' and how it might be perceived.

'Two examples would be: the 'Ban on the Grizzly Bear Hunt' (except for eating the bear meat). Why couldn't the NDP have the balls to just ban the Grizzly Bear hunt. Now they have created a contentious loop-hole, so their ban is totally unenforceable and toothless.

The other, is when the NDP fired Gordon Wilson from his Liberal hired position. Any mature, diplomatic and wise politician and party, would have said, "Thank you for your services, but we will not be continuing your contract / employment, so let us work out a severance package", instead of slandering Wilson, and saying that he had done nothing worthwhile, which lead to a defamation suit, that will cost BC Taxpayers, all because of an arrogant Politician's ego rant.

We have to remember that not everybody voted for your two parties...Around 40% for the NDP and about 20% for the Greens, so be respectful and attentive to all BC citizens. You will get the traction and support to enact a lot more of your agenda, if you are listening and pacing yourselves so that you have the voters understanding and accepting your bills and legislation.

Let's bring about Real Change for the people of BC and the wonderful Province that we live in. Clive Langton

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Hello Clive, 

Thank you for your feedback. 

We agree $100 per individual a year is a more accessible limit, however, during negotiation with the NDP government, $1200 per individual a year was the compromise made between the two parties. Here is more on the consultation process from an article in the Globe and Mail:

As for the relationship between the NDP and Green Caucus, I want to reassure you that the BC Greens remain a distinctly separate political party and have only agreed to support the BC NDP on confidence and supply votes (about 2 votes per year). We will vote independently from the BC NDP on every single other issue, using the available evidence and our own principles and platform to guide our decisions.

Both the BC NDP and the BC Greens agree that the legislature works best when all MLAs work together to pursue the betterment of British Columbia. In a minority government, any MLA can bring forward good policy for consideration and have it passed by the Legislature. We will work with the BC Liberals to advance good public policy, and hold the BC NDP to account.

I hope this alleviates some of your concerns. 


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  • Kelsey Reid
    responded with submitted 2017-10-05 13:52:07 -0700
  • Sherry Keith-King
    commented 2017-09-21 19:28:09 -0700
    What’s this about taxpayers paying? That wasn’t in the 5 points above… Clearly I have not been following. I guess I have to read the whole bill. Where? I really don’t think that on the spectrum of $500 to $1200 there’s going to be a big difference in influence. Even $10 to $1200. It all comes in bits, anyhow. As for tags, none of the above apply.
  • Clive Langton
    published this page in Ban big money bill 2017-09-21 18:13:29 -0700
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