The campaign teams in Victoria, where we expect to win our first Green Party seats in the Legislature, are gearing up to welcome volunteers from Vancouver for a Green canvassing blitz. Just a few days after the writ is dropped, we'll show the media just how much support and momentum there is for the Greens to take an entire city on April 20. But that is not the only opportunity...

Come joins us for Canvassing Road-Trips or Virtual Phone Canvassing and help us keep the momentum rolling.

We want you to be part of this exciting opportunity. You'll gain valuable canvassing experience to take back to your local campaigns, make new friends during Canvassing Road Trip or through Virtual Phone Canvassing and get inspired to make the Green Surge a reality beyond Victoria and across the province.

Please consider joining us for making Greens a true voice in the Legislature of British Columbia.

You can choose to canvass on foot and join our Canvassing Road-Trip.

Or you can choose to help us with Virtual Phone Canvassing.

Let's make history again. The only way to win this election is to knock on doors and that is where we need your help the most! Come out and Door Canvass for the three top campaigns.

Volunteer Support After Work. Drop by one of our top campaign offices after work and help get Green MLAs elected. Whether it is door canvassing, phone canvassing, or data entry, these campaign offices need your support. Every minute of your time brings us closer to our goal and to Green seats in the legislature! Come volunteer after work

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