Cammy Lockwood

Cowichan Valley


Cammy is a passionate advocate for all things agriculture and for protecting her children's future.

She has lived in the Cowichan Valley since the age of two, and her family has been involved in the community ever since.

Cammy, in partnership with her husband, started farming in 2011 and together, they run Lockwood Farms - a successful operation that supplies over 8,000 people with fresh eggs and feeds over 400 families with fresh, organically grown vegetables. 

Cammy leads the farm, and has shepherded the growth from 3 laying hens to over 6000, with sales and distribution guaranteeing a home for every egg. Her involvement in the Canadian Egg industry has been noted by being called as a witness in several parliamentary committees. She has been involved with the BC Egg industry and has gained insight into the systems that allow 150 family-run farms to supply all of BC’s eggs.

A voice for her community, she has been on several boards for community organizations, helping resettle refugees, donating, event planning, fundraising and mentoring other community leaders.
In 2019, she and her husband, James, were honoured to be awarded BC’s Outstanding Young Farmers. She takes pride in being able to stand behind her products every week at the Duncan Farmer’s Market.
She came to politics when the devastating effects of climate changed threatened both her farm and her children’s future. She has been disappointed in the government’s response to climate catastrophes and is determined to see people, not corporations, at the centre of BC politics.


Contact: [email protected]

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