BC Greens elect new Executive Council

The BC Green Party has now elected a new Provincial Council! The final results are as follows: 

Chair: Bob Lorriman
Vice Chair: Roy Ball
Treasurer: Marcus Madsen
Councillors-at-Large: Rita Fromholt, Jordana Dhahan, Jessica McIlroy
Secretary: Kim Darwin
Policy Chair: Bill Masse

Mandatory leadership contest before AGM 2015: Failed (no 58%) 

Resolution #1 "Core Principles Review": Passed (Yes 82%)
Resolution #2 "Protection for Rodeo Animals": Passed (Yes 80%) 
Resolution #3 "Omnibus Policies for Rescinding" : Passed (Yes 78%)
Resolution #4 "New Governance Structure": Failed (No 70%)
From the floor: Motion recommending making Zero Waste Strategies a priority for the policy committee (more details to come): Passed

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