B.C. Green Party political finance policy

Resolved, That effective September 28, 2016, the BC Green Party will no longer accept donations of any kind from corporations, unions and other non-individual entities; and

Resolved, That the BC Green Party’s existing internal review process for non-individual contributions over $2,500 will be applied to individual contributions over $7,500 to ensure they are in line with party values and do not foster undue influence from any one individual.[1]

Unanimously approved by B.C. Green Party Provincial Council on Sept. 21, 2016.


Notes on new political finance policy

  • The new policy prohibits monetary and non-monetary contributions from all non-individuals, including corporations, unincorporated businesses / commercial organizations, trade unions, non-profit organizations and other identifiable contributions.

  • As per Elections B.C., bequests from an estate with one executor can be reported as a class 1 political contribution – from an individual. As bequests from estates with two executors are the fulfillment of the wish of an individual,[2] the B.C. Green Party will accept such contributions, though they must be reported to Elections B.C. as “other identifiable contributions.”

  • The new B.C. Green Party political financing policy applies to all B.C. Green Party entities: central office, riding associations and candidates.

  • This policy will remain in effect indefinitely.

  • The B.C. Green Party remains committed to reforming British Columbia’s political finance laws. These reforms include a ban on non-individual contributions and limits on individual contributions.



[1] The B.C. Green Party’s previous political finance policy was approved by membership at its 2007 annual general meeting. It stated that all non-individual donations over $2,500 were to be reviewed internally for undue influence and alignment with party values before being accepted. As per the party’s new political finance policy, a similar review process will be applied to donations over $7,500 from individuals.

[2] In 2014, the B.C. Green Party reported two contributions from estates as class 6 contributions, “Other identifiable contributions”. According to Elections B.C., this is also an acceptable designation. In the future, the party will classify contributions from estates with one executor as individual contributions.


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