B.C. Green Party announces new Executive Director

September 04, 2019

VICTORIA B.C. – The B.C. Green Party announced today that it has hired Andrew Brown, MSW RSW, a former Executive Director of the British Columbia Association of Social Workers and The Pacific Social Work Foundation.

“I am pleased to be joining the determined, insightful and passionate people behind this fresh, exciting and prescient movement,” Brown said. “It is our intent that the B.C. Greens – and the worldwide Green movement – will be the answer to the existential question on all of our minds: what is the world coming to?”

“It is a great honour to welcome Andrew Brown, a talented professional, to lead our party office,” party leader Andrew Weaver said. “Andrew’s extensive experience in leading organizations and building a more caring and equitable society is exactly what our party needs as we head into the next phase of our development.”

As Executive Director, Brown is responsible for supporting the party’s Provincial Council and directing the partisan activities of the organization. Brown replaces Interim Executive Director Liz Lilly, who has served in this position since January. Lilly will return to her previous position as the party’s Chief Economist, responsible for policy outreach and platform development.

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Andrew Brown


Having grown up in Ottawa and having lived in British Columbia for over two decades, I have been observing the direct and oblique results of shoddy politics for my entire life.  My core observation of the current political climate in British Columbia, in Canada, and in the world in general, is that with almost no exception, there is a distinct lack of democratic leadership, clarity or fresh vision; complicating this scenario is a lack of focus on the goals of the people and basic respect for the planet that sustains our lives.  I find it alarming that there is almost no vision for the future we all share an interest in - and must develop and nurture collectively. 

The one exception I see is the Green political alternative; it will carry us into a future far brighter than any previous political brand, paradigm - or style. Green Parties are offering an exciting, visionary, inclusive and sustainable vision - I’m proud to be a part of that movement.

As a Registered Social Worker navigating the results of the neo-conservative policies that British Columbians have been subject to over the past two decades, I am keenly aware of the damage and lost opportunities old, bad ideas have caused.  However, I can assure you that the BC Greens will seize upon every opportunity to improve the lives and experiences of every British Columbian over the coming years and decades. 

For more information on Andrew’s work history, please see his LinkedIn page.

Headshots can be downloaded here.

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