Amalgamation Yes! poll sets stage for local government elections in CRD

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July 29, 2014

Victoria, BC - A poll released by Amalgamation Yes! today highlights the need for an important discussion regarding governance in the Capital Regional District (CRD).

The poll of Greater Victorians found that:

  • 84% either strongly or moderately in favour of amalgamation,
  • 89% support a non-binding referendum on amalgamation,
  • 80% support a cost-benefit study

“This poll highlights many assumptions residents hold about the costs and benefits of amalgamation,” said BC Green Party Interim Leader Adam Olsen. “Given the great complexity of amalgamating municipalities, an essential part of its consideration – ensuring an evidence-based, democratic process – is a carefully researched study that accurately informs the public of the options. Then voters can go forward in making an informed decision.”

Currently, only the City of Victoria has committed to putting the question of amalgamation on the ballot in November’s municipal elections.

At a March 2013 tri-municipal council meeting (Central Saanich, North Saanich and Sidney), then-Central Saanich councillor Adam Olsen proposed that the three municipalities on the Saanich Peninsula develop an approach to look at the costs and the benefits of amalgamation. At the time, the three councils decided not to advance a study.

“While I think it is premature to say that amalgamation would be good or bad for the region,” said Olsen, “What this poll does tell us is that the citizens of the CRD are ready to have a conversation about governance. Given these results, how we are governed is an important discussion that no candidate in any district in the region will be able to shy away from in the coming elections.”

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