May 01, 2013
Contact: Craig Spence

Jane Sterk's Agenda to May 2

Itinerary for Green Party Leader Jane Sterk
To Thursday, May 2, 2013
Wednesday May 1 Victoria
8:30-10:00 CFAX Radio interview with Beacon Hill candidates
10:30-11:30 New Horizons centre all candidates forum
12:30-12:55 CBC radio interview (in VIc studio)
18:00-22:00 All candidates debate James Bay association (new horizons centre)
Thursday May 2 VIctoria
7:10-8:00 Jane interview on Island (CBC radio)
11:00-12:00 cook street village activity centre meet and greet
12:30-12:45 Jane interview with Rebecca Zanderbergen (CBC radio west) in VIC studio 
13:00 at the office on pandora media release on jobs
18:30-22:00 Green Party PARTY at New horizons centre (Speakers Jane Sterk & Adriane Carr)
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