Tree hugger and soon to be great gramma

First of I love trees. We have a beautiful huge red oak that I planted 22 yrs ago in our back garden. The birds love it. We also have a large western hemlock which I saved from the side of the road 21 yrs ago when the grader was approaching. I love the forests and walking in them. I have tree pictures for screen savers. Big or small, young or old, Entish or not,flowering of conifer,I could never live without being surrounded by these wonderful life giving beings.


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  • Cedric Engelberts
    commented 2019-05-17 08:27:51 -0700
    I love trees too. For me each of them is unique and saying we can communicate with trees is true. We are stewards of the land and helping taking good care of the natural environment we are part of we, in some extent, take care of ourselves because as it’s said the way you treat yourself is the way you treat others.
  • maureen Raymond
    published this page in Tell us why this matters 2019-05-16 11:56:46 -0700
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